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SOQTAPATA means "Six Floors" in Quechua. Named to describe the wide variety of micro climates and biodiversity you can find between the 900 to 4,600 m.a.s.l that are part of this natural reserve. This concession with conservation purposes is only 4 hours from the city of Cusco - Peru. A rich and biodiverse region in the Tropical Andes with more than 9,600 hectares of natural beauty, declared one of the few Hotspot's remaining on Earth.

The main purpose of this conservation effort is to help preserve a part of our planet through initiatives that impact communities within or near the protected area preventing or minimizing their involvement in informal and environmentally harmful activities such as illegal mining and logging.

Forests, bodies of water and thousands of species can be admired throughout the territory including 150,000 species of flora and fauna (50% of total world population) and more than 22,000 land vertebrates (77% of total world population).

According to Conservation International there are only 37 Hotspots on the planet

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A little bit more about SOQTAPATA

SOQTAPATA is a private conservation initiative of HERPIRO SAC (Hermanos Pilares Robles) led by Ana and Rafael and their five children, who believe that conservation efforts can develop into models that contribute in the sustainable development of our planet through providing a variety of ecosystem services such as Ecotourism, Research Stations and Volunteering Programs.

This project was developed by HERPIRO SAC with the help of other organizations interested in the protection of our forests. Organizations such as ACCA (Asociación de Conservación para la Cuenca Amazónica), SPDA (Sociedad Peruana de Derecho Ambiental) and Conservamos por Naturaleza have been helping us organize our ideas and articulate our efforts.


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